The 10 Influential Leaders in Education

Harrow International School Bangkok is one of a family of six schools; Harrow School (London), John Lyon School (London), and the Harrow International Schools (Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong). Links between the schools are strong, as demonstrated by a shared Board of Governors and staff movement within the group. We are a co-educational day and boarding school providing a British style independent boarding school experience, in English, in an Asian context at our state-of-the-art campus in north Bangkok. There is a strong pastoral focus in the school through its House system. The curriculum is taught in English. We enroll students from 18 months to 18 years.

Located on a green, spacious and secure campus at Don Muang, a typical British day and boarding school education is provided for an international group of students aged from 18 months to 18 years. IGCSE and A Level courses are followed and outstanding results ensure that our students secure places in prestigious universities worldwide. Our Leadership in Action programme immerses students in extracurricular activities. From our youngest pupils to our pre-university graduates, Harrow Bangkok students are encouraged to develop resilience, to engage in community service, to display leadership and to work as part of a team. As the leading British international school in Bangkok, a Harrow Bangkok education is meaningful and holistic and for life.

The Harrow family of schools share academic excellence and a broad-based learning experience within a traditional framework, whilst nurturing teacher-pupil relationships and intercultural relations.

We offer a wide and diverse range of extracurricular activities which enrich and extend the academic studies of Harrow Bangkok students, including creative, community and sports activities. Students develop leadership skills and empathy through active involvement in charity and community service. We celebrate students who move beyond the classroom to show a commitment to an all-round education, making ethical decisions that make them better global citizens.


“All of our students will contribute as leaders to a better world, realise their academic potential and succeed at the university of their choice.”

Many nationally and internationally influential leaders have been educated at Harrow. They have often been pragmatic, determined and independent thinkers; people for their time. Our times appear ever more challenging, so require ever more courageous and able leaders.

Leadership for a better world is defined by six leadership attributes that our students increasingly demonstrate during their time at Harrow Bangkok:

■ Making a positive contribution to the community

■ Applying knowledge with compassion

■ Solving problems collaboratively