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International Business Conference & Awards

It is a privilege for us to invite you to participate in the prestigious 2nd Edition of the Swiftnlift Business Conference & Awards , scheduled to be held in 29th Oct 2023 in Atlanta, GA. 

Swiftnlift Business Conference & Awards is an exciting platform that offers the participants an unparalleled opportunity to showcase the quality that their brand and services stand for and it is an indicator of the trust that their customers place in their brand.  


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B2B Tech Expo 2023 is a transformative platform that connects visionary minds driven by growth and success. With a vibrant tapestry of vendors and service providers, the event offers extraordinary opportunities for businesses to elevate their growth. The event transcends commerce, providing knowledge, funding, manpower, and a robust distribution network. The vision is simple yet profound: “Great things happen when good people come together.” Collaboration takes center stage, as remarkable minds converge to share ideas, forge alliances, and create extraordinary synergies. 

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