Kathy Kamei

Kathy Kamei- Designer and CEO

“Jewellery that celebrates your unique spirit and inspires you to break from the pack. Meet Kathy Kamei, the designer creating handcrafted pieces with heart and soul in Bali.”

When Kathy Kamei set out on her journey to Bali with her daughters, little did she know that it would lead to a love affair with the island, its people, and a new passion that would inspire her life’s work. Today, as the designer and CEO of her own jewelry line, Kathy Kamei’s pieces reflect the beauty, heart, love, and spirit of Bali that captured her heart all those years ago. Each piece of jewelry is a celebration of individuality, reminding us to be true to ourselves and encouraging us to seek our own truth. So let’s dive into the story of Kathy Kamei and her unique brand of jewelry that’s taking the world by storm.

Kathy Kamei is not your ordinary jewelry designer. Her story is a testament to the power of trusting your inner voice and following your passions. For Kamei, her passion lies in celebrating women, the artisans of Bali, and the beautiful island itself. Her line of handcrafted jewelry embodies these inspirations, with each piece designed to empower and inspire the wearer.

Kamei’s journey began with a courageous trip to Bali with her two daughters. It was there that she fell in love with the island, its people, and their beautiful way of life. “The Balinese are the most beautiful human beings I have ever encountered,” Kamei says. “I had never seen such heart, love, spirit, and graciousness expressed in a community.”

Inspired by the beauty and creativity of the Balinese artisans, Kamei began designing her line of jewellery, handcrafted in Bali with 92.5% solid silver and overlayed with 18K gold vermeil in her two-tone pieces. Her pieces are designed to inspire and empower, with each piece celebrating and reminding us of our relationship with self and others.

From pendants that encourage us to open our hearts, to earrings that remind us to be mindful, each piece of Kathy Kamei jewellery is crafted with intention and meaning. “I have an idea of what a piece means,” Kamei says, “but everyone will uncover their own personal understanding. That’s the beauty of this work, to encourage people to seek their own truth.”

Kamei’s dedication to celebrating women extends beyond her designs. As a mother of three daughters, Sydney, Alexa, and Kenzi, Kamei is committed to empowering women and inspiring them to celebrate their own uniqueness. “What we wear should empower us and give meaning to our passions,” Kamei says.

Kathy Kamei jewellery is more than just a line of accessories. It is a celebration of the beauty and creativity of the Balinese artisans, the spirit of the island of Bali, and the power of women to embrace their individuality and inspire others. So the next time you slip on a piece of Kathy Kamei jewellery, remember that you are not just wearing a beautiful piece of art, but a symbol of empowerment and inspiration.

As Kathy Kamei continues to design and create jewellery that inspires and celebrates women, her journey serves as a reminder to trust our inner voice and follow our passions. Her love for Bali and its people is reflected in every piece of handcrafted jewellery, and her commitment to empowering women is evident in her work. So, next time you put on a piece of Kathy Kamei jewellery, remember to celebrate your uniqueness and let it empower you to break from the pack. As Kamei herself says, “What we wear should give meaning to our passions.”