Make managing your team easier with SumHR—your partner for Human Resources solutions. Streamline HR tasks and get back to doing what you love!

Are you in the market for an innovative and reliable HR partner? Look no further than SumHR, founded by Jay Thakare in 2013. From their headquarters in Mumbai, India, SumHR strives to bring businesses like yours effective and modern human resources services that keep your team running smoothly. SumHR is a human resources management software company based in India. SumHR’s mission is to provide cutting-edge HR technology solutions to businesses in India and around the world.

SumHR’s software is designed to streamline HR processes and improve efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. The software provides a range of features, including employee onboarding, attendance tracking, performance management, leave management, payroll management, and employee self-service. The software is also customizable, allowing businesses to tailor it to their specific needs.

One of the key benefits of SumHR’s software is its ease of use. The software has an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate, even for non-technical users. This means that businesses can quickly get up and running with the software without the need for extensive training.

Another benefit of SumHR’s software is its scalability. The software is designed to grow with businesses, so as a business expands and its HR needs become more complex, the software can adapt to those needs. This means that businesses can continue to use the same software as they grow, without the need to switch to a different system.

SumHR also offers excellent customer support. The company has a team of experts who are available to help businesses with any questions or issues they may have. This support is available through phone, email, and chat, ensuring that businesses can get the help they need when they need it.

Overall, SumHR is a top-notch HR management software company in India. Its software is designed to streamline HR processes, improve efficiency, and ensure compliance. Its ease of use, scalability and excellent customer support make it a top choice for businesses in India and around the world.

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