Siemens Healthineers

Ole Per Maloy- Managing Director

“Driving Precision Medicine and Patient-Centric Care: Siemens Healthineers’ Vision for the Middle East and Africa”

In 2018, Ole Per Maloy joined Siemens Healthineers Middle East and Africa as the Managing Director, bringing with him a wealth of local and international experience. With over 33 years of dedication to the company, Ole is a seasoned veteran who understands the business needs and challenges in the healthcare industry. In this article, we delve into Ole’s journey and explore the innovative strides Siemens Healthineers is making in the Middle East and Africa region. 

A Vision for Healthcare Transformation:

Siemens Healthineers is a leading medical technology company with a rich history spanning over 170 years. As the Head of Middle East and Southern & Eastern Africa, Ole recognizes the shifting landscape of the healthcare industry and the need for continuous innovation. He emphasizes the company’s commitment to empowering healthcare providers and enabling them to deliver precise, patient-centric care through the integration of medical technology and data analytics.

Driving Factors in the Healthcare Industry:

Globally, the healthcare industry is experiencing transformative changes driven by cost pressures and the focus on outcome-oriented care. Ole highlights the importance of collaboration with leading healthcare professionals to shape the future of healthcare. Siemens Healthineers aims to enhance value for healthcare providers by expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, and improving the overall patient experience through digitalization.


Trends in the UAE Healthcare Industry:

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been placing significant emphasis on developing a world-class healthcare infrastructure. Ole points out that reducing outbound medical tourism, prioritizing preventive medicine, and addressing lifestyle diseases are key objectives outlined in the UAE’s National Agenda – Vision 2021. With a growing population, precision medicine, preventive care, and enhancing patient experience are expected to be the major growth areas in the UAE healthcare industry.

Digitalization and its Impact:

Digitalization has become an integral part of the healthcare ecosystem worldwide. Ole emphasizes the importance of leveraging industry knowledge and experience to transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights. Siemens Healthineers invests heavily in research and development, holding an impressive portfolio of 18,000 patents globally. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and data analytics, Siemens Healthineers aims to enhance the specificity and sensitivity of medical tests, ultimately improving diagnosis accuracy and treatment decisions.


Steps to Improve National Health Systems:


The UAE government has prioritized healthcare infrastructure enhancement, ensuring the development of world-class medical facilities and specialist hospitals. Furthermore, the region is actively investing in clinical education and training for healthcare professionals, enabling them to stay informed about the evolving field of medical science. These initiatives are rapidly elevating the standards of healthcare delivery and contributing to improved patient outcomes.


Siemens Healthineers at Arab Health 2019:

Arab Health, a significant healthcare event, provides Siemens Healthineers with a platform to showcase their latest innovations and engage with key stakeholders. At the event, Siemens Healthineers presented their suite of AI-powered tools and digital offerings, designed to transform care delivery and increase the value of healthcare services. Notable innovations include the AI-Rad Companion Chest CT, an intelligent software assistant that aids radiologists in precise diagnosis, and the AI-Pathway Companion, a clinical decision support system that enhances personalized patient management.


The Impact of Arab Health:

Arab Health has had a profound impact on the healthcare industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It serves as a crucial platform for Siemens Healthineers to exhibit their innovations, connect with industry experts, thought leaders, and decision-makers. The CME-accredited conferences running alongside the exhibition also provide valuable educational opportunities for healthcare professionals.

Ole Per Maloy’s leadership at Siemens Healthineers Middle East and Africa exemplifies the company’s dedication to driving healthcare innovation in the region. Through close collaboration with healthcare professionals and the integration of advanced technologies, Siemens Healthineers is empowering healthcare providers to deliver precise, patient-centric care. As the industry continues to evolve, Siemens Healthineers remains at the forefront, ensuring that healthcare systems in the Middle East and Africa are equipped to meet the demands of the future.