Messi Becomes Second-Highest International Goal-Scorer

Highest International Goal-Scorer
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Argentina reaches Copa America 2024 final; Messi becomes second-highest international goal-scorer, surpassing Ali Daei, trailing only Cristiano Ronaldo.

Argentina’s national football team has never failed to make history, securing the win 2-0 against Canada in the Copa America 2024 semifinals at the MetLife Stadium of New Jersey. That win propelled Argentina into not only a second consecutive Copa America final but also further etched the never-stopping greatness quest of Lionel Messi past Ali Daei into being the second-highest international goal-scorer of all time.

Match Overview

The semifinal match showed Argentina at their strategic and clinical best. Julian Alvarez broke through in the 22nd minute by turning two Canadian defenders superbly before delivering a flawless finish. This early goal did set the pace for Argentina to dictate the tempo of the game and turn off adequately Canada’s offensive effort.

Then, the captain of the team—talismanic for his team, Lionel Messi—put the gloss on the win in the 51st minute. Typical of Messi, the goal showed acute awareness and was technically brilliant at the end. Enzo Fernandez’s shot from the edge of the area was turned in off the deft touch of his left instep, past Canada’s goalkeeper, Maxime Crepeau. Not only did that ball into the net double Argentina’s lead at that point, but it also etched Messi’s name further into the annals of football history.

Messi Makes History

Messi’s goal against Canada is a momentous occasion in his great career. While his team’s win over Canada took Messi past the 108 international goals mark set by Ali Daei, he now stands as the second all-time leading international-level goal scorer, behind only Cristiano Ronaldo with 130 goals. That may be the case, yet the feat simply corroborates that Messi has been great for so long, showing unbelievable consistency almost throughout his nearly two-decade-long career in international football.

Lionel Messi has grown through the ranks to become one of the greatest footballers of all time because of his special ability to adapt and thrive in different contexts of football. This was his 14th goal in Copa America history, reiterating the effect he had on the continental stage where he spearheaded Argentina’s campaigns. Messi’s success does not signify his talent but his capacity to inspire and raise the level of performance among fellow colleagues.

The Journey and Prospects of Argentina

The step-by-step approach Argentina took towards the final of Copa America 2024 is another stamp of their supremacy once again in the beautiful game of football. Their win at Copa America 2021, when they defeated the hosts Brazil 1-0 in the final, had ended a professional trophy drought as long as 28 years, restoring faith and pride in football across the nation. This was followed by their victory in the Qatar World Cup 2022 against France after a 3-3 draw in extra time and winning through dramatic penalty shootouts.

This new Argentina team, under the watchful eyes of coach Lionel Scaloni, has had a great mix of experience and penetration of youth. Players like Julián Álvarez, Enzo Fernández, and many more came to the fore to correspond with the astute management of Messi, securing a much-balanced and strong lineup. With a final against either Uruguay or Colombia up, Argentina will fight hard to realize their depth and cohesion for another major title.

The Bigger Picture

Messi’s record-breaking goal and Argentina’s continued success have deeper implications for the global football narrative. At a time when individual honors and team success are viewed as mutually exclusive, Messi’s career forms a bridge between both. His ability to amass personal milestones while driving his team to the pinnacle challenges prevailing world views that hold that greatness in football is a zero-sum game.

Moreover, the resurgence of Argentina in international football underlines the point that national teams are here to stay in a sport increasingly dominated by club football. The passion and pride associated with donning the colors of one’s country continue to enthrall fans worldwide, reminding us of the unifying power of football.


As Argentina heads to their record-extending 30th Copa America final, the spotlight inexorably falls on Lionel Messi. From that prodigious starter to a global icon, his story thus far is one of pure dedication, resilience, and unrivaled flair. Whoever takes the crown in Miami Gardens, Messi’s place in football lore has been confirmed; his chase for greatness has set an example for all players and fans alike. All roads now meet up in the Copa America 2024 final, which is going to be an appropriate platform to witness another chapter in the Messi saga and the quixotic fate of Argentina in football.