4th Feb Pune: What is cyber threat intelligence? It’s a question that can be answered in a number of ways. If you ask someone in the field, they might tell you it’s a process of identifying and evaluating malicious files and/or network traffic. If you ask someone who works in tech support, they might tell you it’s when a user calls them up and says they’ve received an email that they think might be suspicious. It’s been said that intelligence is information that you didn’t know you didn’t know. For example, you might be surprised to learn that a recent study revealed that more than half of all cyber-attacks can be traced back to an insider. The findings are part of the 2019 Cyber Security Intelligence Index, a global database of over 1.5 million cyber-attacks and their impact on over 35,000 organizations in over 130 countries.
Cyber threat intelligence is a variable, adaptable technology that makes use of extensive threat history data to prevent and correct current hostile network attacks before they happen. Although it is not a solution in and of itself, cyber threat intelligence is an essential part of security architecture. Security solutions are only as successful as the intelligence driving them because threats are constantly developing.
The process of locating and assessing the characteristics of potentially harmful threats and data is known as cyber threat analysis. Excellent, actionable cyber threat intelligence starts with proper cyber threat analysis.
Historically, perimeter access control was the exclusive emphasis of security measures. Threats that have evolved, however, employ a variety of stealth techniques to evade detection. Cyber threat analysis offers a continual evaluation of files during the course of their existence. Any time a threat is detected in the file during analysis, it will be recorded and completely blocked.
The outcome of a cyber threat analysis is cyber threat intelligence. It is a body of knowledge that may be applied to take action and ward off dangers. Cyber threat intelligence enables automatic universal actions in place of manually granting or denying access, monitoring dangerous attacks, and recording previously known bad actors. For example, if a file is found to be harmful, it can be immediately prohibited globally across all networks.
Businesses may access vast threat databases that can exponentially increase the effectiveness of their solutions by investing in cyber threat intelligence. Security solutions are ultimately only as effective as the threat intelligence that drives them.
The centralization of the gathering of threat data from many data sources and formats is accomplished by a threat intelligence platform. Since there is a lot of threat intelligence data, the threat intelligence platform was created to gather it all in one location and, more importantly, to show it in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

Statistics about past threats

More data, more data, more data. An abundance of threat history data is required for useful threat intelligence. Machine learning capabilities and cyber threat analyses yield insightful results. With greater data sets, both get better. If the threat data set for cyber threat intelligence is limited to just 10, it may only be able to prevent 10 threats. The threat intelligence will learn more about harmful attacks that could endanger your network as the data collection grows. Additionally, as the amount of data grows, ML-based analytical algorithms keep becoming better.
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