In light of its expansion and expanded service offerings in Statesboro, Georgia, Health Connect America (HCA), a provider of mental and behavioural health services, intends to hire more staff. HCA intends to increase its programme offerings by adding new supervised foster care visits. These additional services enable treatment to be properly customised to client requirements, unique legal requirements, and general community improvement.
The HCA Statesboro office is teaming up with the Chamber of Commerce to celebrate its growth and variety of new services on March 13, 2023, at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, with a ribbon-cutting and hiring ceremony at its new location at 114 Savannah Avenue Statesboro, GA 30458.
Southeast Georgia is a significant market for Health Connect America, according to Kristi Shain, president and CEO of the company. “Delivering on our promise to support underprivileged people with a higher quality of care requires services tailored to the requirements of each community we serve. For individuals looking for work or one of our many services as we celebrate this new chapter for the Statesboro Community, this will be a fantastic opportunity!”
The variety of HCA programmes aid in the recovery from traumatic events for families, children, adults, and adolescents. These programmes are made to deal with problems like substance abuse, family problems, anger management, and sorrow. People are given the assistance they require to help children, adults, and their families live better lives.
By serving more customers, HCA’s anticipated development not only benefits the neighbourhood but also generates employment there. With a high school diploma or its equivalent, HCA is employing therapists, community support specialists, assessors, and family support experts. A health care coordinator with a bachelor’s degree in human services is also needed. To be a therapist or assessor, all applicants must hold a licence.
“I sincerely appreciate everyone who supported the Statesboro office’s mission and the love of mental health services. According to Misty Andrews, regional director of operations, “I am exceedingly honoured and happy that HCA will now offer services in Statesboro and adjacent areas in Southeast Georgia. This opportunity to combine two things I love—my community and mental health—has been a joy.”

About Health Connect America

About 10,000 people’s lives are impacted every day by Health Connect America (HCA), which offers mental and behavioural health services to children, families, and adults in 56 locations across five states. The organisation is proud to walk alongside clients as they set out on a journey to self-improvement and more satisfying lives in the areas it serves. Wherever clients need services, including at home, in the community, or at one of the organization’s many facilities, Health Connect America makes them available. HCA is immediately available to address the requirements of both clients and their families thanks to a broad network of direct care specialists. One-on-one or family counselling, case management, autism services, or medication management are among the services offered to kids, adults, and families.